I was struggling badly after a prolonged period of stress at work and a very frightening physical reaction to the stress. I was attending Susanna’s weekly yoga class which I love because it is calm, gentle and totally without judgements while also giving me a chance to bend and stretch and breathe!

I booked Susanna to work one to one with me and I honestly feel she threw me a lifeline when I was drowning. As soon as we started this approach I knew it would be a key part of recovering. Susanna’s patience and love supported my attempts to come to terms with a new way of engaging with work and life which didn’t make me ill. Mostly, as she says, she teaches people how to breathe! She is also endlessly affirming in a way that helps you regain your belief in yourself and your place in the world.

Susanna provided written notes of the key points we discussed and the exercises and practices she prescribed. I still read these when I feel the need to revisit what we did and I find them really comforting.