After a sudden onset of what was diagnosed as inflammatory arthritis I found I couldn't do my usual yoga class but was keen to do yoga of some sort as I know how beneficial it is to me.  I decided to contact Susanna, who had been my yoga teacher a few years previously, because I felt that her gentle and sensitive approach was just what I needed when I was feeling ill and vulnerable.  Her one to one sessions with me were thorough and clearly designed to find out just what I was capable of doing and what I wanted to achieve, and this was done in a way respectful of the physical and emotional condition I was in.  Together we designed a yoga programme that I could practice at home and Susanna suggested ways I could incorporate exercises into the rest of my life, and equipment I might consider using.  She wrote up our conversations in detail afterwards and it was really useful to have this written record of what we'd discussed.  I felt cared for during the session and afterwards.

Susanna is very good at explaining the yoga postures and the benefits they offer, and gently corrects misalignments.  Her unique sense of humour is entirely appropriate and makes the sessions fun, and even in pain brought a smile to my face.  I continue to do the short programme she devised even as I prepare to return to my regular class.  I am certain that being able to do some yoga practice as part of my overall approach to regaining my health has contributed significantly to my recovery, and I feel very grateful to Susanna for helping me regain my confidence and ability to use it at a time when I was really low.