By chance 8 yrs ago Susanna came into my life at a time when I needed yoga. She was then (and is now) an inspirational teacher and her calm demeanor sat alongside my working with Reiki perfectly. After a few years I unfortunately had to take a break from yoga but I always wanted to return to Susanna's classes. 

Since I retired through ill-health 5yrs ago instead of embracing my new found freedom from work I became more unsure of myself and very inward looking. By chance I met Susanna again and started back to yoga classes. I soon realised though that instinctively she could sense my need for help in my emotional life and I knew she could help me rationalise my 'fears'.

Seven months after that first appointment I have just re-read the notes she made about that session and have again been astounded at the way Susanna accurately pin-pointed the 'threads of connection in my past and present stressors'. After several more sessions working on that large list of stressors I felt Susanna's considerable insight had enabled me to begin a healing process that I couldn't have managed on my own. Her written session notes are exemplory - considerately written and full of positive, practical self-help actions.

Sometimes a person comes into your life without you realising it for a reason. There have been 2 such people in my life and Susanna has been one of them.