I have attended classes with Susanna regularly for over a year, and also for a period of months several years ago. I sought yoga classes to improve my wellbeing generally, to become stronger and more flexible and find relaxation. Susanna’s classes work very gently and thoroughly through pleasant routines of stretching, flexing and strengthening, relaxation and breathing.

I have found that my vitality, strength, coordination and moods are improved greatly through regular class attendance.  I have been entirely astonished at the way in which I have rediscovered more natural, youthful ways of moving, how the classes have begun to re-educate my body’s habits. I am also surprised by the way in which Susanna’s way of talking to us about the purpose and effects of the movements that we do with her has affected my visualisation and understanding of my own body, so that I can have a form of positive self-awareness which I have never before been able to realise. Through participation in her classes I have become less anxious about the challenge of ageing, and more confident about my general health and wellbeing.

Susanna’s teaching style has developed and changed since I first knew her. She is clearly a teacher who wants to develop and improve her own methods. I find this is very encouraging as a student – there is always more to learn and new ways of doing things - and an exciting promise for future classes with her. Her class routines have become very much more versatile and focussed, and now no session is quite like another, but each one has familiar elements which lend a pleasant sense of continuity.

When I started classes with Susanna I was concerned that I might not be able to keep up with students who were younger, fitter, more familiar with yoga. My worries were groundless – the classes are very carefully designed and paced to warm us safely into each person’s own potential. Susanna is the kindest and most considerate teacher I have ever known, she is continually aware of each of her students and always ready to support individual needs and difficulties. She makes us aware that we are all individuals and this is a non-competitive and peaceful activity. I believe that she emanates a healing presence.

The mood of the classes is always relaxed and mindful, and I experience the class as a period of refreshing sanctuary.