Working individually with me can be a very powerful and effective way to invest in your wellbeing and happiness. I offer what I call Deep Yoga: a process of exploring in depth, using accurate observation and intuitive sensing, whatever is holding you back, limiting or challenging you in some way, and healing it. We use Yoga both as a lens to focus on and identify where you are stuck, and as a tool to skilfully remove those blocks. 

All sorts of life issues respond well to this attentive, effective, balancing approach. I’ve helped people coping with bereavement, sudden illness or diagnosis, adjusting to retirement, stress at work, chronic health issues, feeling unfulfilled, preparing for a big change, loss of mobility and many other personal issues.

This is Yoga used holistically and to its full potential, working on the body, mind, emotions and spirit to get you clear and connected and fully functioning as a whole, harmonious person again.

How it works

I take a short personal history, do some simple physical assessments, and then work together with you to craft a targeted and personalised programme that fits easily into your lifestyle and is designed to realign and re-engage you. This would typically involve some daily limbering, specific posture work or restorative poses, some breath work and some energetic work such as visualisation, affirmation or kinesiology. 

In follow-up appointments we assess and integrate your progress and I support you via email and with written handouts. This isn’t therapy but it does feel deeply therapeutic. It puts you back in control.  Perhaps the best way to describe it is Energy Coaching.

If you would like to know more, please email me your questions or get in touch to schedule a Discovery Call.

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