As Yoga teachers we spend years training, studying and being assessed and then find ourselves self-employed and alone in the big wide world, teaching on our own. Beyond qualifying to teach, we need so many extra skills to do that well: publicity, promotion, marketing, social media, budgeting and finance, venue hire, self-care, skills development!

If, like me, you yearn for a safe space in which to have creative, supportive discussions with a skilful and experienced fellow professional you might be ready for mentoring. Part coach, part business adviser, part support team, this relationship is what makes an already good teacher a great one: effective, successful and fulfilled.

This service is a new offering for me, born out of the realisation that nothing like it currently exists to support our development and growth as teachers and business owners. Teaching Yoga is a Yoga sadhana in itself! This offering also arises out of a desire to give back to our profession in love and leadership, after recognising that I have over 40 years of dedicated practice and intensive study to draw on and have become a senior Teacher and elder.

In leaving social work to grow my own Yoga business from scratch, I’ve been inspired by a number of great role models and have studied in person and online with several of them. I’ve melded their theories and teachings with my own professional background and experience as a counsellor and social work student-trainer to fine-tune a holistic and nurturing Mentoring service specifically for Yoga teachers.

Being self-employed and dedicated to serving your students can be hard!

  • How do you stay inspired? 
  • Deal with boundaries? 
  • Cope with competition or conflict? 
  • Make a viable healthy income doing what you love?
  • Practise what you teach? 
  • Overcome inner fears and blocks? 
  • Stay current with latest developments?

If you feel the need for a skilful conversation on any or all of the above topics, or have another burning personal or professional issue, you can schedule a free 25min Discovery Call with me to see if we’re a good fit, and find out how I can help you move forward with clarity and confidence.