About Susanna

Hello! I’m pleased you’re here.


Yoga has become my life’s work since I discovered it at the tender age of 17. Over three decades of daily practice and intensive study I fell in love with its deep wisdom and simple practicality and in 2002 took my first yoga teaching qualification in a traditional Indian lineage. In 2005 I completed a three year teacher training in a contemporary Western approach. My style of teaching therefore combines the soulful roots of Vedic philosophy and its ancient wisdom traditions with the latest advances and approaches to anatomy, functionality and subtle energy. As well as being the backbone of my own life and healing journey, yoga is also my full-time occupation. I live it and love it and intend to go on studying and teaching it to the end of my days.

Since I was a child, growing up barefoot in South Africa, I have been fascinated both by human movement and by human potential. What stops us from becoming fully expressive and whole? I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work and spent many years supporting individuals and groups experiencing homelessness, drug addiction and recovery from eating disorders and sexual violence. I’ve also studied the movement disciplines of Alexander Technique and Ideokinesis in depth and taken numerous courses and workshops in qi gong, pilates, bioenergetics, body psychology and somatics, dance, mindfulness and various forms of meditation.


About Yoga

So, what is yoga and how is the way I teach it more than just the latest, trendy fitness and lifestyle fad? More importantly, how does this relate to you – your lifestyle and your aspirations, your unique body and your individual challenges?

For me, Yoga is the art, the science and the practice of connecting to who you truly are. It is also a toolkit of simple but profound techniques to unlock the body’s ability to heal and balance itself, and move without strain or pain. In the hands of a good teacher, Yoga is a rewarding journey of discovering how to release physical, mental and emotional tension and gradually retrain the nervous system so that it serves you, rather than runs the show. It’s not about achieving perpetual Zen-like calm, it is about becoming present and being able to respond to whatever is going on around you.

Take yoga off the mat and into your life

The kind of Yoga I teach makes you real and resilient, not otherworldly. Learning to connect to the ease, steadiness and comfort in your own mind and body on the mat means you can connect more healthily to others and the world off it. Yoga gives us both the map and the means to do that. I’d love you to take that journey with me!


I teach in a small number of hand-picked venues around Sheffield where I live and keep my classes purposefully small so that I can give my full attention to each student’s development. All levels of ability and experience are welcome. 

One of my great privileges as a Teacher is being asked to work individually with someone and to support them in a process of deep listening and close observation to work through whatever is challenging or limiting them.

Sometimes we need to press Pause and give ourselves time to get quiet and go deep. In learning new skills we discover more about ourselves too. Workshops and Retreats allow us to do that in a supported way and can be quietly life changing.