Is Yoga just a trendy lifestyle? Is it just the latest fitness fad? And do you need to be able to touch your toes and feel serene all the time to do it?


Sometimes Yoga seems like the oldest recycled new invention in the history of human health. Every decade sees it being ‘rediscovered’ - by hippies, footballers, yummy mummies and now celebrities - and relentlessly marketed anew with lots of hype and must-have accessories.

That’s just NOISE. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. YOU can do Yoga!

Taught well, Yoga can reveal the peace and presence that lies just beneath the busy surface of your mind, and release the ease and energy locked up in your tense, achey or ageing body. That grounded, centred and alive place is embedded in you and the connection to it is as close and reliable as your own heartbeat. 

If you like the idea of being calmer and becoming healthier and stronger but are confused by all the hype and don’t know where or how to start, I can show you. I can teach you - in a jargon-free, enjoyable and totally doable way - how Yoga will help you find mental and physical ease, and unfold your full potential.

My life has been steeped in this healing journey of Connection. I have studied and practised Yoga for over 40 years and, since qualifying as a teacher in 2005, have taught many hundreds of people how to connect with their own inner vitality and release the habits and tensions that prevent them from feeling fully alive and well.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW

- Chinese Proverb

If your time is now, come and see what classes and workshops I currently offer, or find out how you can work one-to-one with me. As an empathic and experienced senior practitioner, I also offer mentoring for yoga teachers and other body workers.


I teach in a small number of hand-picked venues around Sheffield where I live and keep my classes purposefully small so that I can give my full attention to each student’s development. All levels of ability and experience are welcome.

One of my great privileges as a Teacher is being asked to work individually with someone and to support them in a process of deep listening and close observation to work through whatever is challenging or limiting them.

Sometimes we need to press Pause and give ourselves time to get quiet and go deep. In learning new skills we discover more about ourselves too. Workshops and Retreats allow us to do that in a supported way and can be quietly life changing.